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Interior Decorating With COVID19 | 6 Tips To Keep You Busy & Positive

Never in most of our lives have we spent so much time indoors with the lock downs due to the outbreak of #Covid19. Here are some tips to keep your mind off things.

Interior Decorating.. Staying Indoors.. Where To Start?

It’s hard to grasp how things are now.  All over the world people are huddling indoors, away from social interactions because of this new pandemic. But making a positive situation is the best way to pull through. Now is a great time to plan your new dream space, get those small DIY jobs done, fill up that hole, paint a wall or do some online shopping. Regards to all of this, I have put together the following steps for a fantastic plan to get excited about.  If you are stuck for ideas, and need a little extra help with putting them all together, then DutchByDesign can help and will have something that will suit every budget. But hey, these great tips are easy to do yourself without the help of an expert. So grab a cup of Joe, and start reading...

1. Have a big clear out. 

This is one of the most important steps to take when you are looking to re-decorate.  Time to get rid of that old microwave in the back room, throw away those old shoes in the collect dust, and those plastic bags you have been hoarding... These bags now have a fantastic purpose: getting rid of stuff!

2. Take a look at interior styles. 

After you have done a clear out, sit back down and take a breather. Spend a few hours or even a day looking at different styles that make you say OMG.  There are so many looks your home could adopt. From fresh Scandinavian clean lines to a rustic French look decor.

3. Match your interior style with your way of life.

After you have found a few styles you like, choose a few that matches your lifestyle. For example: A minimalistic style is usually easy to keep clean and you can match this with a fresh country look. This would be a great style for busy people with children.

4. Get lost in a mental rainbow. 

Colours are just as important to our mood, as to fish with water. Light colours can make a space look larger while darker colours give a more intimate space. One way to help you with this, is to visit paint shops with big bold websites that have lots of ideas for colour. Visit a few like Benjamin Moore this website even has a fancy gadget that you can test colours with photos of your home.

5. Plan your Furniture.

Did you want a whole new look or just add a few piece with your new furniture, maybe just a few new bits first?  Transitioning styles are a fantastic way to save money and get a new look but can be more of a challenge as you need to make sure the new, will match the old. Make sure when you do this that you take in consideration of the textures of the furniture. For example, something from IKEA might not match a vintage look room with lots of old wood. It can be done but you will need to consider the materials and colours.

6. Accessories, leave them till last.

Some of the most fun things are something left to last once you have a fair idea what style you want. Questions to ask yourself is: what colour are the walls? Does this match my furniture? I never buy accessories until the big things are set in stone. Why? It’s like a painting..  One layer at at time and you need to make sure the layers match and compliment each-other.

Super Fun At Home With Loads To Look Forward to..

So following these easy steps can be super fun.  It’s a method to follow indeed and a rewarding one.  Taking these step and even just writing them down on paper will be a fun activity that will make the time pass quickly during these testing times. If you need some help remember to drop me a message or take a look at what I have on offer at

~Stay Safe, Stay Indoors, Stay Positive~

Kelly-Marie - DutchByDesign.