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Who We Are

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Professional Interior decorating services has allowed many to experience the joy of having their home in a style that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but where is can showcase who you are, and your lifestyle.  At DutchByDesign, we have perfected online interior decorating to be affordable for almost everyone with both our help. Whatever room you pick or your style,  will be able to assist you in create something special in either one room or full home.


Our Studio Home of DutchByDesign

Who Is Kelly-Marie 

Kelly-Marie is Australian born but has travelled and lived in many countries from sunny Down Under,  Asia, USA & Europe.


She has a small studio in the heart of Fryslân, in The Netherlands where she also currently resides. Her past experiences are working with colour, furnishings and decor in Australia and with her extensive travels, this has given her priceless experience she projects into her designs. 


Having studied at the The Interior Design Institute Australia she puts that into practice together with years of experience with her work. 


 Since 2017 she has moved her business online offering her services to anyone, anywhere in the world with her boutique business.  


Kelly-Marie is also an Advocate for the awareness of ADHD & Dyslexia. She has been diagnosed with both these challenges but she firmly believes they enhance her creative style. When she is not in her studio you will find she is working on other projects with her friends or her own home. 

Who Is Edwin Evert

With every small business there is a lot of admin and technical business. Edwin is our man as an accounts & admin specialist. He works for DutchByDesign part time and his full time work is with the Government as a Business Analyst. 


He has a lot of knowledge in DIY and home renovations. He loves to work on his home and is a local of Fryslân. Fryslân is the northern part of The Netherlands and it's more Scandinavian than Dutch. Frisians are also the tallest people in the world, and Edwin is very tall! He loves to spend his free time taking long walks with his dog, loves Belgian beer and enjoys handyman projects on his own home. 

Meet The Team

Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 09.51.17.png
Interior Decorator 
Screenshot 2021-01-06 at 09.51.25.png
Edwin Evert
Admin & Accounts Specialist 
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