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Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Policy  & Agreements Down Below. 

Pricing, Payments & Invoices

Pricing varies per package and per listing. Our 'Pre-Made' planners are at a very low & affordable price and our 'Custom Orders' are based on work per hour that we have calculated per space with an average.  Business Design 'Commercial Interior Decorating' planners for Businesses, Cafes & Restaurants are done on a Quote basis and can be a little different from our Home Plans, with more added into the plane and customising our DutchByDesign template to fit the needs of the business.  

Payments are done via the Mollie Payment Platform. This is a very well-known and trusted payment platform that is the Netherlands owned. You can use this from anywhere in the world with your credit card or Paypal. To know more about Mollie in English, click here Mollie .

Invoices are made automatically via our system and sent directly to the email address given.  Full payment is first paid for us to commence work. Custom orders over 4000 euros can be made in 2 payments but paid in full, before delivery. 


How do I know my private information is safe? 

Our Privacy Policy is strict and basic. We don't share any information with any other businesses other than for tax purposes. No information is sold or given to any 2nd or 3rd parties period. We are a small family business (boutique) and we don't work with anyone else other than a few local designers and handymen. All payment information is done through the  Mollie Platform, and we can only see the info we are allowed to see like name, country and payment to create the invoices for you.  


I don’t know what my design style is what do I do then?

That’s fine! Just grab a coffee and scroll through some of the most popular styles on Pinterest. If you still don't know your style and having trouble to understand that, Kelly-Marie can help.  You can schedule with her a meeting face to face over coffee with phone or video, on WhatsApp. 

I picked the wrong Instaplan, can I get a refund?

Sadly not. In our policy, we state no refunds as these are digital and a digital product you get right away. We price our E Designs very low, so you won’t be out of pocket to buy even several designs. 

I don't like my Bespoke planner, can I get a refund?

DutchByDesign only offers a Refund if the design can not be delivered due to unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, DutchByDesign does not offer refunds, as you are paying for the service with the hours invested, and not the planner.  Mismatched designs don't happen that often, as Kelly-Marie does take your information on your style preferences and we give a lot of examples on our website so you know what you are to receive. If in a very rare case you are unhappy with your design, we want to make it right. We will work with you, assess the situation and come to a solution on how best to move forward. Our #1 goal is that you love your experience with us. 

Do you provide a shopping list on your planners?

Pre-Made Planners 'coming soon', we provide keywords which is something better. As furniture links go out of date and are set to one price, keywords will allow you to shop the same or similar items in your local area. Example Beige Linen Cushion. This will give you many options from a high to a low price. Just find one similar in the style board and you can’t go wrong.

Custom Orders however do come with shopping links in your country/area and a choice of shops you wish to shop at.  with Furniture, These will be links for Furniture, Standard Decor or Accessories, Lighting & Soft Furnishings. 

Do I have to buy everything that’s on the shopping list?

No, absolutely not! With 'Custom Orders' & 'Pre-made Planners', you buy what you want and at your own pace. With the Pre-Made Planners, we provide a generic shopping list so you can find cheaper alternatives or more expensive items in your area with our keywords. On the Custom Orders, we provide exact links to the furnishings in the Style Board. 

Decor items things missing from the renders from the shopping list?

There might be some items like decor and wall art that are showing in the Renderings but are not on the shopping list or design board. With decor there there can be 100s of items so we make the Renders to look complete with books, extra wall-art, pottery, vases to make it look complete in the renderings. We do give many ideas to links to decor but to give everything is just not visible. If you are needing extra decor you can contact us and we can add this on to your order with an agreed amount of decor given. 

How long will it take to have my order completed?

There might be some items like decor and wall art that appear in the renderings but are not listed on the shopping list or design board. With decor, there can be hundreds of items, so we include additional elements in the renderings such as books, extra wall art, pottery, and vases to create a more complete visual representation. While we provide many ideas and links to decor, it's not feasible to include every single item. If you require additional decor, you can contact us, and we can discuss adding them to your order with an agreed-upon amount of decor provided.


How do I communicate with someone regards to my Custom Order?

We use WhatsApp or Email or our chat function on our website. Once you order your Custom Planner you will get simple instructions in your email on how to get it all started.  Communication can be with either Kelly-Marie or Edwin Evert (our accounts and admin guy). We check our Business Whatsapp workdays but not normally Saturday or Sunday. The communication we have been told is so easy and fun from our past clients and we often get message updates with photos. We hope you can be the same.

3D Rendering info, is there something I should know? 

Custom Orders from our 'Services' page are done with time and care and so are the 3D renders. Our decorating planners take out the difficult decision-making and helps you decorate your space, with a cohesive design for your stunning home or business. We use 3D rendering in our planners, and the renders do almost look real but are not 100% exact. The 3D renders are to help support our decorating plans and are done by the designer. Please know that pitched roofs, unique windows, and exposed beams, and other non-common details may not show in the renders, as our program has limits for architectural builds and styles. But this has never been an issue. However,  if you are looking for photo-realistic renders that are like the real deal, we suggest you find a Digital 3D artist. We can also work with Digital Artists (this will be extra cost and normally reserved for commercial projects) if you are needing this, please ask for a quote.  

What about exact measurements and furniture placement? 

Kelly-Marie does take into consideration the space and selects the right furniture based on the size of the space it is intended for. You need to provide floor plans or a drawn floor plan with wall measurements. We don't come to your home or business, which is why our services are so affordable. However, we do ask you to double-check all measurements with items before making a purchase. If something is too big or too small, please reach out to Kelly-Marie for an alternative solution. Although it doesn't happen often, discrepancies can occur with all Online Interior Decorators from time to time.

Regarding exact space planning, measuring exact fixed furnishings to be installed, giving plans for art and photo gallery installations, and laying carpets, we're sorry, but we don't offer these services as they require considerable time and planning and fall outside the scope of the service we provide. However, Kelly-Marie can offer a style design that you can plan yourself or have someone come into your home to measure and handle the installations for you.


If you have any further questions please email 

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