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The Netherlands.  World Renowned For Interior Design ~ Get A Touch Of Dutch With Your Space

Decorating For Home, Office & Small Businesses

 DutchBydesign's online interior design process is designed to help you get that perfect look with a touch of European styling.  Our packet plans are astoundingly affordable for any budget and are charged with no hidden surprise costs. Each plan is focused on your needs with Home, Business or B&B and designed by a professional with years of experience. So don't spend $1000s as with traditional interior decorators & designers.
There are many reasons to choose DutchByDesign as it saves you both time & money and you go at your own pace.  The custom E-booklet is all about your home, lifestyle and not to mention easy to use and understand.   

DutchByDesign makes it fun, simple and gives you ideas that are practical with stylish results. 


Interior Decorating that's right for you

A lot of people underestimate the importance of well thought out Spatial Planning and the impact it can have on their space.  Space planning is one of the most important aspects of interior design so it does not end up awkward, looking unfinished and impractical. My goal is to accomplish a beautiful, comfortable, tasteful, and practical area that matches perfectly its function.  

Personalised Colour Schematics 

All spaces are unique and with a few right touches, you can really make a dull room  shine.  DutchByDesign  makes sure to bring your vision to life with knowledge from the 7 elements of interior design. Space, Line, Form, Lighting, Colour, Pattern & Texture.  By following these simple rules your home will stand out from the rest.


I understand how important colour is to your general wellbeing, so why not let me add a touch of flair to your life?  With some nice shades, a well-planned colour scheme, and some nice functional features, you can brighten up your space and give it a bit of personality. Bring out the new you through colour.

" I believe my plans are unique as I have travelled,  lived  & worked all  over the world. From Australia to Japan, USA, South Korea, Dubai, Indonesia & many other countries in Europe & Asia. This has given me a rich mental library to work from that no education can buy. " 

Kelly-Marie Weirda, Head Designer DutchByDesign